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Congratulations to Jasmine one of the pets at the office - it's been a long couple of months but finally last night we had the arrival of six new healthy Shih Tzu puppies. Read more for Photo's!

Watch the Video of the first four playing with their mum!

Watch the ALL NEW CUTE PUPPY-CAM 24 hours a day!


It's been a few days since our last update - the web cam is still refreshing and we have been updating the weights chart regularly.


We have also been asked to post a few more photo's so... happy to oblige!


All the remaining puppies are doing really well and they are starting to walk and taste their first 'solids', Tom is still the biggest with Nike coming a close second. They are getting bigger every day!













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Jasmine is one of our two Shih-Tzu's which are regularly seen at the EiiEntertains office, and last night from 2:30 until 5:55 she

kept us up delivering six beautiful squeaky pups!

We thought we would share some of the pics of the new arrivals and mum, happy after a very long evening - Well done Jasmine - perfect job for a first time mum! :-)

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Well End of Day 1, My they have grown ... and my they are very loud and squeaky!







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