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We specialise in custom cross-platform mobile application development (iOS, Android, Windows), offering Reliable, Scalable and Secure software with a focus on fun and entertainment.

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Stacks Timer V1.0 is now out on windows mobile and iOS, it is packed full of amazing new features, a simple and easy to use timer and your average solve times! How to stack, and your best and average times, all these features are avialable for the 3-3-3, 3-6-3 and the cycle stack separately so you can watch yourself progress.

Download now from Windows Marketplace!!

Fastest Finger is a quick and simple game that can be played anywhere, on the bus, in a queue, at home or even at a party. There are currently 9 minigames and we have plans for many more. Now available on Windows Phone and iOS.

To make sure you don't miss out on the current minigames fastest finger has to offer and any of the minigames due out in the near future make sure to download, play and rate fastest finger Download NOW!!

Click To Download! 

Cube Timer V2.1 is now out it is packed full of amazing new features these are learn cube notation (including videos!!), learn how to cube with detailed pictures, a 25 move scramble generator, a simple and easy to use timer and your average solve times!

Cube Timer is now available on Windows phone and also for iOS as well.

To make sure you don't miss out, download the current version use and rate 5 stars from the Windows mobile Marketplace Click To Download! 

Packed full of great features!



Simple and easy to use timer!



Learn cube notation (With videos)!



Learn to cube (With detailed pictures)!


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