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Armageddon is here... they are alive and they are on the look out for fresh brains!


The flesh eating zombies are taking over your town so what are you going to do? Run like a coward or fight for your friends!


You play Sam, a hard working helicopter pilot shipping crates for the highest bidder, anything, anywhere as long as the price is right. Unfortunately you pushed yourself too far, a barrel fell out of the cargo bay and on to the local graveyard… bad news… little did you know, the barrel contained nuclear waste from the local power plant and has brought the dead back to life as brain eating ZOMBIES! They are tearing up the towns!


All you have is your trusty '45 revolver, some bombs you found in a war museum crate and a tank full of fuel to save the villages. Battle your way through six gory levels fighting off ever growing herds of the undead, collect different weapons as they drop to help with the fight - can you undo your mistake before the villages are destroyed and their inhabitants brains devoured through age old rotted teeth?


Download Zombomer for iOS!

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